Online Marketing Strategy For E-commerce Business

1 May


Read on the article to know some of the vital tips which can help any –E-commerce business to succeed in the online world.


EBRIKS INFOTECH   SEO INDIA   share with you  About   Online  Marketing  Strategy  For     E-commerce Business. A proper marketing plan is important for e-commerce website when it comes about making big sales. In present scenario of highly competitive business world, an aggressive online marketing strategy is an inseparable part of any e-commerce driven business. Below are few crucial online marketing tips that will bolster e-commerce sales and keep your clients coming back to you.


Text marketing has been enjoying a prominent place in e-commerce marketing strategy. People more often check their mobile phones than email. It means, when you text promotional deals and offers to them, chances are high that they will be noticed by receivers. It is also quite easy to respond to a text, therefore, it is very likely that a customer will give positive response to your message. If you will send a text about the deal that lasts only for a limited time only, the customer is likely to respond promptly as they don’t want to miss the chance of getting the discount.  There is another way through which text marketing can work in your favour is that it provides your e-commerce business vital information about a client. For instance, you could send a text that asks “What is your favourite hobby?” and give a gift card in exchange for the reply. If a subscriber says “shopping” then you know what products you can offer to your customer and thus, can formulate your marketing plan in accordance to that.

Mobile marketing:

In this day and age, tablet and smart phones have come a long way. The number of smart phone and tablet users are increasing day by day. Mobile marketing, therefore, has emerged out as a valuable marketing technique for e-commerce businesses. Make your e-commerce website mobile friendly in order to make sure that customers can view it across varied mediums of technology. Lots of people are inclining towards smart phones and tablets to get information about the particular company or products because it’s fast and convenient approach.


Email marketing is meant for those customers who have the tendency to abandon shopping carts. To flourish in the online business, it is imperative to send emails to customers, who have abandoned shopping carts, giving them free shipping or lucrative incentive to encourage them to buy. You should send trigger emails to customers who make purchasing and offer them discounts on their next purchasing. You could also invite products suggestions and recommendations along with emails.


Videos are fun to watch, especially if they are interesting and quick. So, make sure to include videos on your e-commerce site for attracting more and more customers. Videos could either be funny or informative. People show more interest towards watching a clip than reading an article, so videos prove to be strong medium in getting more information on your e-commerce business.



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