Online Marketing Strategy For Launching New Product

1 May

 Long gone are those days when businesses launched new products by advertising in newspapers or television. Now, more and more people are using internet to successfully launch their products. Read on to find out some of the vital tips to launch new product online.

EBRIKS INFOTECH   SEO INDIA   share with you  About   Online  Marketing Strategy For Launching New Product. Being a business owner, if you would be asked this question, “What is the formula to launch a great product” then what will be your reply? Writing news release and sending it off over the wire? This is the stone aged strategy to launch new product. In today’s world, almost all companies are harnessing the power of internet to launch their products. Owing to the digital era, you don’t required to spend a massive budget on product launching as by adopting the right online strategy, you can make a successful product launching. So, here are six crucial tips for firing up your product launch in the web world-


Search engine optimisation (SEO)– Before initiating your online efforts to launch your new products, you must have ‘viable home base’, which can ideally be a search-friendly website or a blog. While, launching a product, it becomes important to create a product-specific landing page that consists descriptions, photos and videos. Also, the page should be appropriately coded and should have proper title tags, header text, a unique URL and meta information that gives information about your new product. It is important that this page should be visible and accessible to web users, at least during initial stage.

Tap press opportunities– No matter in which business you are, never underestimate press powers. Try to capture as much press attention you can by giving each medium different updates/stories. Many times, press who do pre-launching stories will also do follow up stories about the final launch.

E-mail marketing- E-mail marketing is an impressive way to grab people’s attention towards your product. You can made an announcement about your upcoming products via email marketing. You can start by offering a pre-order for your new product, exclusively meant to e-mail recipients. Or, offering a sneak peek at the new product before it is launched for the public. Such small but powerful steps can help in nurturing and rewarding your current relationships and you can continue enjoying trust of your customers. Also, you may also think about setting up an e-mail drip campaign that regularly sends regular messages to customers at timed intervals in order to keep your products or services top-of-mind with your clients.

Online advertising- Online advertising gives you a chance to come in front of a specific audience but with more wide reach. Another way is to do extensive research in order to determine the most widely read blogs in your market. More often, advertising is the main revenure generator for these websites and blogs, so, it’s a great way to start building relationships with the editors and site operators in order to get a chance to come in front of the people who show more inclination towards these products. You should not lose the opportunity of advertising on social networks, like facebook, etc. If you want to pursue any of these options then make sure that all ads are clickable and direct all referrals to a targeted page on your own website. This landing page should be having content specific to the new products, along with crucial information on how and where to buy it.


Social networks– When you are ready to launch your product, inform your present clients and brand enthusiasts by giving updations on your social networks. Never made the mistake of undervaluing the power of social channels. It can bring lot of applause to a product launch or can kill it dead. You need to embrace different social media platforms, use it intelligently to arouse interest among people, gain valuable feedback and be prepared to act swiftly to address issues and negative feedback.


Affiliate marketing– Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to launch your new product through affiliates. An affiliate adds a text link or banner on their website, pointing to yours site and will be getting commission only if there would be any sales. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can inform web users about your new product and can also encourage them to get interested in it.


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