Facebook cracks down on fake likes through increased automated efforts

10 Jun

It is shocking to discover that many people are not actually using genuine methods to increase their fan base on their Facebook pages. Some of the likes being registered are not being carried out by real life people. So, Facebook has come up with improved security methods to track down all the phantom likes.



Facebook has increased its security features by updating the integrity system to prevent any fake likes on the Facebook pages and to put a full stop to the illegal activities taking place. This update has basically been done to improve the authenticity of the pages and provide the exact numbers of fans and valid, accurate demographics to all users.

Facebook has improved its automated system in order to remove the phantom likes; this will hopefully eliminate all those fake likes that are being generated through compromised accounts, malware, fake user accounts and all the likes that are bulk purchased. Though Facebook already had protection against such threats, these improved systems are configured especially to recognise the suspicious likes and take necessary actions against them.

On average, a calculated 1 percent of likes on any given page will be removed, provided they and their affiliates follow the terms and conditions.

The fact that people are using illicit methods to increase the number of likes clearly highlights the importance of getting the maximum number of likes for your Facebook page. But getting these like is not that difficult and can be genuinely. Business owners can go for the following methods to easily increase the like count for their pages:

¨      Creating interesting content:

This is the key factor in gaining a maximum number of likes; you can write posts that are interesting so that they grab the attention of the users and you can also post photos; to appear visually interesting. If your articles are liked by readers they will share it among their group of friends and it will automatically you gain more likes.

¨      Email campaigns:

This is another useful method that helps you in achieving your goal. You can ask the people on your present contact list to like your posts and pages and you can also utilise the email services and generate more genuine likes.

¨      Writing press releases:

Media is always a great source from which to promote any business. Media platforms are always in search of interesting and useful content. You can ask them to mention your Facebook page at the end of their articles.


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