Importance of social media measurement

10 Jun

Although the power of social media is expanding at an incredible pace over time, measuring social media still remains a mystery for most people. The present phase of social media needs quick adaptability and is becoming more and more measurement focused. Adapting social media strategies to promote your business is just a small piece of the pie, one also needs to measure and quantify the results. This is the only method to determine whether or not the company’s targets are achieved.

There are two main reasons that make the measurement process a mystery

1.      The fact remains that most people fail to understand the off-site activities that are taking place; marketers lack the data set that they receive compared with on-site data.

2.      The second thing is that social media is still at an emerging phase and marketers are failing to adapt to the changes quickly enough and set up clear objectives.

The process of measuring social media will turn out to be more fruitful if you use clever tactics to implement the process. The mysterious social media measurement has provided astonishing return on investments (ROI) for those who implemented it in an effective manner.  Here are some start-up ideas that will assist you in enhancing your social measurement

Exceed the last-click attribute:

There are numerous latest tools available that will help you to go beyond the last-click attribute and provide the customer the entire journey before they convert. This will help to improve the interaction process before the customer actually buys the product.

Don’t rely on a single metric:

To measure the actual effectiveness of social media you should not confine only on platform metric because they are not totally customised and cannot conduct experiments on layouts. If you want to get utmost results then you need to make your own site a social hub and make it a great conversation arena.

Become a conversation ruler:

You need to look beyond the indicators like followers or visitors (micro conversions) and break through the macro conversations that generate leads or revenues separately. The best way would be to combine both these to get the best outcomes.

 Example: you will measure the leads that are generated at the same time you will also look at your newsletter for high-conversation sign-ups.

This will help you to discover whether high-conversations are providing better outcomes for you than the revenue. If that is the case then you can focus on grasping new sign-ups instead of making purchases directly.



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